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Habitat for Humanity



In neighborhoods where poverty makes itself a guest in every home, hard lives and hard times make hope hard to find.

Partnering with Habitat for Humanity-Spokane to become a homeowner changes lives. It makes dreams possible and brings futures full of surprise, stability and accomplishment. As Ariet Oman, a long time Habitat homeowner, says, “It wasn’t just about building a house. It was about building a foundation for a family--for my family.”

Families with a stable home have time to work on the rest of their lives. A single mom in the West Central Neighborhood become a homeowner and started her own business. Habitat homeowner watched his children grow up to own their own homes and start small businesses.

The home becomes a place for children and parents to study. A son and a daughter of a Habitat  family in the Chief Gary Neighborhood went on to earn bachelors degrees at Eastern Washington University, and later, one achieved a masters degree from Washington State University.

The ripple effect of building houses with people in need touches a whole community and the larger world. Watching a group of Habitat volunteers and family partners working together changes a neighborhood—whether that neighborhood is in Thailand or East Central Spokane.

And that ripple washes over those who volunteer with Habitat. Habitat is about transformation: transforming the hearts of those who volunteer to build homes while it transforms those who live in them. Learning about poverty while doing something about it leads to change instead of despair.

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